Beartooth Automotive is now offering durable bedliners for your trucks

We have partnered with American Power Industries to become a dealer, bringing the best, most durable, spray-on bedliners to the residents of Billings. If you're constantly using your truck bed to haul equipment, you need to make sure that you're not only protecting your cargo, but also your truck bed. Additionally, your truck in Billings, MT is constantly being exposed to weather damage and the new spray-on bedliners will help withstand rust, corrosion, and general wear and tear.
American Power Bedliners are the best on the market and they also help improve the look and value of your vehicle. If you'd like to see photo examples of what the bedliners look like, please take a look here.

Other Benefits To Having A Spray-On Truck Bed:

  • The bedliners offer protection fomr UV rays.  This ensures that your vehicle does not look worn out, increasing the overall value.
  • Spray-on bedliners are non-slip.  This will help prevent cargo from moving around on trips and keep your bed from being scratched.
  • Having a quality bedliner means less maintenace for you!  They are low maintenace and keeps paint from chipping, along with any other future issues.
  • The bedliners are custom fit for your vehicle specifically.  
  • Unlike other bedliners, spray-on bedliners are so easy and quick to repair!